Di Pattison is a contemporary painter
working with real earth pigments, which she makes herself from coloured rocks, clays and soils collected in the UK and Ireland.

Painstaking research informs abstracted treatments of subjects relating to the earth

  • how it has been shaped since prehistoric times
  • its geology, landforms, and colours
  • current environmental issues
  • heritage landscapes
  • mother earth.

Large-scale richly textured and powerful images result from the combination of the ancient craft
of pigment-making with versatile modern acrylic resins. Tools for applying the paint are made
from natural materials as well as traditional brushes and unusual modern devices. Sometimes using coarse sackcloth overstretched on conventional canvas the paintings exploit the fullest range of matte
and gloss, translucent and opaque, crumbling, cracked, collaged, scratched, sprinkled, dripped and viscous surfaces. Her exhibitions are called Earthworks.



Di also seeks opportunities to create thought-provoking and sometimes witty conceptual installations responding to specific sites or localities.

Di also writes on art technique and prehistoric sculpture, and is a qualified teacher.
Her handmade real earth paint pigments as well as limited edition prints and original artworks are for sale at exhibitions and directly from the studio.